Visart is the art & design Program with a difference. In the same way as maths,science and reading are taught, We teach core drawing skills. We view,design & drawings-as a teachable skill that anyone can and Should team.Our curriculum is designed to teach from basic to advanced drawings & design skills and vocabulary.
Here you will learn the key techniques that every accomplished representational artist & designer uses. Whether you are looking to develop a stress-relieving hobby, to express your love of nature, or to begin a new career in art & design, come and join VISART . . .
Visual Arts:
We offer Art Classes for children all the year round and a specialized systematic approach to painting is offered to teen and adult. We not only teach how to draw and paint but become instrumental in developing and strengthening observation skills, stimulate imagination, creativity and encourage self expression through fun filled appropriate art activities.
• Emphasis is more on one to one interaction and allowing the student to develop his/her own style of art.
Classes are designed to cater the needs of the beginner and the novice alike.
• Our healthy environment enables the student to bring out their creativity which leads to skill development.
• Our class strength is restricted to less than 10 to pay individual attention.